Our events are for everyone

Our events are open to students and alumni of all: ages, gender, race, sexual orientation, culture, religion, etc. We pride ourselves in our diversity and want to encourage students from all cultures to attend our socials.

We do not judge if you drink or if you don't drink; we just want to make sure you are having a good time! The more the merrier! 

Lastly, we want to make sure everyone has a great time at our events. We want to make sure you are safe and feel safe. So make sure you plan your route home for nights out, look after yourself and look out for your friends. If you have any concerns, you can always talk to one of our committee members, we are more than happy to help. 

DentSoc love x

DentSoc Signposting 2019

Our President and Health & Safety Secretary created this document to help guide students who are looking for information about the GP/medical centre, mental health support, listening services, religious support groups, and more. Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions to add!


Upcoming Events

  • Dr Shanon Patel - "Endo or Implant"
    Sat, 27 Jun
    27 Jun 2020, 17:00 BST
    Student-friendly webinar by Dr Shanon Patel to explain when and where you would use RCT!
  • Dr Dipesh Kothari - "The Essentials of Implant Dentistry"
    Wed, 24 Jun
    24 Jun 2020, 19:00
    ZOOM link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86473865957 Join us this Saturday, 13th June, at 11am to hear @kothari.dental talk on the basics of implants! It’s bound to be a great talk, you won’t want to miss it!
  • Dental Student Webinar Series
    Fri, 19 Jun
    19 Jun 2020, 17:00 BST – 27 Jun 2020, 17:00 BST
    The first webinar series organised by students for students FREE for the entire UK! Thank you to KCL DentSoc for their partnership on this series.
  • Dr Richard Horwitz - "An Introduction to the Art of Hand Instrumentation for Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy"
    17 Jun 2020, 19:30 BST
    FREE Webinar by Dr Richard Horwitz on Weds, 17th June at 7:30pm - Instagram: @london_periodontist
  • DentSoc Christmas Ball
    Thu, 19 Dec
    The Treasury, Catherine St, Royal Parade
    19 Dec 2019, 19:00
    The Treasury, Catherine St, Royal Parade, Plymouth, PL1 2AD
    Ho ho ho! It's almost time to get into the festive spirit and what better way to get the celebrations started than gearing up for the Annual DentSoc Christmas Ball! Dress code: Festive/Christmas Jumpers
  • Freshers Awards + Family Quiz Night
    Fri, 20 Sept
    Q Bar Plymouth
    20 Sept 2019, 20:00
    Q Bar Plymouth, 1 Sherwell Ln, North Hill, Plymouth PL4 8LH, UK
    The finale of Freshers Fortnight! Look out for the link to vote for the Freshers Awards! It's time for some family bonding - team up with your DentSoc family for our Pub Quiz! Dress code: Freshers dress as babies, Older Years dress as oldies
  • "Dirty Beat" Club Night
    Thu, 19 Sept
    Fever & Boutique Plymouth
    19 Sept 2019, 21:00
    Fever & Boutique Plymouth, 33 Derrys Cross, Plymouth PL1 2SW, UK
    "Dirty Beat" is one of the nights at Fever, one of our favourite clubs in Plymouth!
  • Dentella
    Tue, 17 Sept
    Location is TBD
    17 Sept 2019, 21:00
    Location is TBD
    DentSoc's very own Coachella! Dress code: Festival vibes
  • DentSoc get together
    Mon, 16 Sept
    Beckley Point - Student Accommodation
    16 Sept 2019, 17:30
    Beckley Point - Student Accommodation, 39 Cobourg St, Plymouth PL1 1SP, UK
    • Are you looking for a DentSoc mum/dad/kid? 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 • Like free pizza? 🍕 Free, non-alcoholic, pizza party so you can get to know students in other years and give you ideas for your DentSoc family! 🍕🎉💛 Meet us at 5:30pm Block A atrium Portland Square so we can walk you over!
  • Rounders
    Sun, 15 Sept
    Central Park
    15 Sept 2019, 15:00
    Central Park
    Join us for a friendly game of rounders! We know a lot of you won't have played before, and that is totally fine! We aren't experts ourselves and the more the merrier!
  • Pink vs Blue Bar Crawl
    Fri, 13 Sept
    Location is TBD
    13 Sept 2019, 20:00
    Location is TBD
    You don't want to miss out on the biggest event of Freshers! Dress as masculine or as feminine as you'd like! This event is mixed with MedSoc so it's a great way to get to know the Medics too!
  • Sleepover Party
    Thu, 12 Sept
    12 Sept 2019, 21:00
    Switch, 2 Sherwell Ln, Plymouth PL4 8LH, UK
    Dress code: sleepover attire !
  • Under The Sea
    Wed, 11 Sept
    Walkabout, Plymouth
    11 Sept 2019, 21:00
    Walkabout, Plymouth, 5 Union St, Plymouth PL1 2SU, UK
    Dress code: nautical wear, sea creatures, mermaids, etc!
  • 3-legged race
    Tue, 10 Sept
    Location is TBD
    10 Sept 2019, 20:00
    Location is TBD
    Nothing Like It. What better way to get to know your uni mates than tied up by the ankle, skipping from one bar to the next! As always, we welcome students from all backgrounds and cater for students who drink and those who do not. Hope to see you there!
  • Dress to Impress
    Mon, 09 Sept
    09 Sept 2019, 21:00
    Switch, 2 Sherwell Ln, Plymouth PL4 8LH, UK
    Don't miss out on the first club night of DentSoc's Freshers Fortnight! Dress to impress, however you wish! As always, our events are for people from all backgrounds and cater for people who drink alcohol and those who do not. We hope to see you there!
  • Welcome Meal!
    Sun, 08 Sept
    08 Sept 2019, 18:30
    Skoff, 3 Sherwell Ln, Plymouth PL4 8LH, UK
    Join us for a meal to celebrate the beginning of your Dental School journey! It's a great chance to meet fellow Dentistry and Dental Therapy & Hygiene students, as well as your DentSoc committee! We know you have a 09:00 the next day so we'd thought we'd have chilled Sunday - hope to see you there!