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DentSoc host multiple charity fundraising events throughout the year to support our charities. Get in touch if you would like to volunteer with DentSoc, as we have constant opportunities for you to get involved!

Questions about our recruitment process? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Well Connected

Well Connected is an award winning Plymouth based charity, who has close connections with students studying at Plymouth University. They deliver a variety of community-based projects which enable students in health-related disciplines to gain experience of health and wellbeing relevant to their area of study. These experiences enable students to enhance their interpersonal and communication skills as well as deepening their understanding of the issues which impact on health and wellbeing, such as housing, employment and lifestyle choices.


Well Connected also delivers effective and meaningful workshops, training and community outreach programmes. They use engaging and interactive methods and materials which support specific population groups. This includes a Dental Ambassadors and Beat the Bugs programme for young people and adults with learning disabilities.


Mags Truman Chief Operating Officer for Well Connected said: “We are proud to use our creative and person centred approach to support local and regional health improvement strategies which make positive impacts within our communities; linking this to student education ensures that health professionals of the future have a real understanding of the needs and experiences of many different people.”

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